St John of Beverley Parish Church


The Domesday Survey of 1086 does not mention a church at Whatton, and it was 1188 before the name of Robert Fitzwalter was given as the first known vicar of this church, with the unusual dedication of St John of Beverley. This saint was popular in the north rather than the Midlands.

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Parish Church inside
Parish Church inside

The Cranmer Group

The Cranmer Group of parishes formed in 1967 embracing the villages of Aslockton, Hawksworth, Orston, Scarrington, Thoroton and Whatton. We are proud of our connection to Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury at the time of Henry VIII. Cranmer was born in Aslockton and worshipped in Whatton church.

Rev’d Tim Chambers
Cranmer Group Vicarage, Main St., Aslockton, NG13 9AL
T: 01949 850523

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