Whatton Schools

Pre-School and Primary establishments are available in the adjacent parish of Aslockton, the nearest Secondary School is in Bingham (approx. 3 miles). There are also additional Secondary schools listed situated in Grantham, Lincolnshire as they are fairly widely used by residents of Whatton.

Cranmer Pre-School

Cranmer Pre-School is a ‘not-for-profit’ Charity offering care for children from two years of age to four-plus.

Cranmer Pre-School was rated ‘Outstanding’ by OfSted in 2014.

Located in Aslockton in the same premises as the Archbishop Cranmer (Church of England) Primary Academy the pe-school is within (relatively) easy walking distance of Whatton.

For more information follow this link to the Pre-school’s website.

Archbishop Cranmer CE Primary Academy

Located in the adjacent Parish of Aslockton within (relatively) easy walking distance of Whatton, the Archbishop Cranmer Church of England Primary Academy provides Primary School education.

Rated as one of the top five highest performing primary schools in Nottinghamshire, in 2020. OfSted rated the Academy as Outstanding in 2009.

For more information follow this link to the Academy’s website.

Orston Primary School (Church Street Orston)

At Orston Primary School, we always aim to provide an environment for all children that is creative, inspiring, challenging and memorable; providing all children with opportunities where doors are opened to dream for the future. We want our curriculum to inspire our pupils to develop talents and passions and become respectful and responsible citizens of the world, equipped to contribute and thrive in society. Also encompassed within our vision, is the need for pupils to be exposed to a range of experiences that broadens their understanding and equips them with the skills needed to be successful, confident, life-long learners who reach their full potential.

For more information follow this link to the Orston Primary School website.

Orston Primary SChool

Priory Belvoir Academy (Barkestone Lane, Bottesford)

At The Priory Belvoir Academy, we have high expectations concerning the achievement and behaviour of all our pupils, whatever their starting points.  "Opportunity and Achievement for Allis a mission statement that guides our actions and our planning and it is important to us that all young people develop a sense of belonging and self-esteem founded upon personal successes. Visitors to our school comment positively on the ethos across the school:

Rated by Ofsted as Good ..‘This is an incredibly caring school that knows its pupils well and strives to do the best for the individual.’

For more information follow this link to the Academy’s website.

Toothill School (Academy)

The Toothill School is a secondary school rated as Outstanding by Ofsted in 2012.  They report that 'Toot Hill School provides an outstanding standard of education and care. Continued
development over the past three years has resulted in improved examination results with high standards achieved by students, both overall and in English and mathematics.'

The school is located in the neighbouring market town of Bingham roughly 3 miles from Whatton.

For more information follow this link to the Toothill School website.

The Kings School

The Kings School is a grammar school for boys located in Grantham, Lincolnshire.

'King’s is a school which although both modern and forward looking, remains close to the values and principles on which it was founded (re-endowed in 1528).  We believe this provides a powerful combination for successfully educating young people - an education which strives not only to steer and guide them academically, but also to develop their personal qualities of character, confidence and compassion which will fully prepare them for life.'

For more information visit the school’s web site through this link.

Kesteven and Grantham Girls’ School

Kesteven an Grantham Girls School is a grammar school located in Grantham.

At Kesteven & Grantham Girls’ School, we pride ourselves not only on our results but on the rounded and accomplished young women who graduate each year. We have a consistent record of academic excellence at the highest levels achieved in an environment that encourages our pupils to grow and mature into capable, confident adults.

For more information about the school follow this link.