Council Members

The Parish Clerk is the only employee of the Parish Council and is both the ‘Proper Officer’ and the ‘Responsible Finance Officer’. The Parish Clerk is solely responsible for the implementation of Council resolutions with the assistance of the Chair or other members where authorised by the Parish Council.

The Parish Clerk is: Mike Elliott, 19/21, Main Street, Keyworth, Nottinghamshire. NG12 5AA
Telephone: 0115 9376506

The Parish Council must by law have a Chair. The Chair is an elected member of the Parish Council and is elected to the post annually by Parish Councillors. The current Chair is Councillor Julia Faulconbridge

The Chair has the responsibility in law (duty) to ensure that:

  • That all meetings are held in an orderly manner.
  • That all meetings are lawfully convened and quorate.
  • That the meeting is conducted in accordance with Standing Orders.
  • That all matters discussed have been properly included on the agenda.

The Chair also has the following additional powers:

  • To cast a second and casting vote where there is an equality of votes.
  • The power to call a Parish Council Meeting without reference to other members.
  • The power to be the sole arbiter of Points of Order raised by members during a meeting.

In all other respect the Chair is no more or less important that any other member of the Council.

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Councillor Steve Ball


Councillor Carol Dunn



Councillor Georgia Elms

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Councillor Julia Faulconbridge


Councillor Chris Grocock


Councillor Jane Morris


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